A privately held company based in Melville, NY, ANCHOR was founded in 1974 by Len Schenker. Early in our history we began as a service bureau addressing the needs of direct mailers required to meet USPS data processing standards, and direct response marketers looking for improved data management solutions; file conversion, merge/purge, segmentation, data entry and other essential processes.

As the industry changed ANCHOR not only adapted, but often lead the way. ANCHOR was one of the first companies to process NCOA and many other services in an online automated process. The past two decades have been marked by progressive growth, fueled by our unwavering dedication to the principles of excellence, an ardent commitment to meeting and exceeding each client’s unique requirements, and our constant improvements in both technical capabilities and product development.

Database Services Division – ANCHOR Database Services Division (ADS) was launched in 1995, to provide relational database marketing services. To date we have designed numerous customized client databases in several industries, along with the ability to host and maintain that data in a secure and accessible framework. Over the years our history shows we augmented these services with analytic, modeling, and campaign management access tools that offer our clients greater flexibility and precision in the segmentation of their data and the analysis of marketing campaign results.

ANCHOR SoftwareANCHOR Software was established in 1998 to provide comprehensive software solutions for database management, direct marketing, direct mail, data enhancement and data quality. ANCHOR Software’s products are being used by marketing organizations, financial and insurance companies, government agencies, utilities, large direct mailers, and any organization that maintains and enhances its own databases or manages data for their clients.

E-Commerce & Phone Data Strategies – In 2000, the E-Commerce group was initiated and the Phone Data Strategies (PDS) business unit soon followed; to provide comprehensive telephone data solutions and analytics for both consumer and business marketers. Within a few years, as the email marketing channel evolved, we developed a full range of email services, and today have one of the most robust and accurate sources of opt-in emails for append and validation in the industry, with over 6 billion records across all our sources.

Lead Verification – With the expansion of the internet, and the need for lead enhancement services that would scrub, verify and enhance leads in real-time or in a batch, our LEADVERIFIER™ product and a new division was launched in 2006. It was developed in response to our clients’ growing requests for a comprehensive real-time online lead cleansing service. We are able to validate name, address, phone and email within seconds.

Identity Management – The innovation continues, as recently we have introduced a number of new services. File View is a detailed analysis of your database; processing your file through 12 essential hygiene and append processes, and providing a summary, or a “report card” on your data. Utilizing a database of over 300 million records, our most recent new service, MaxIdentify, will link the same individual irrespective of address or last name anywhere in the country.

As ANCHOR moves forward in history we remain dedicated to the highest level of customer service, quality, innovation, and technology. Our commitment to client satisfaction will always remain the foundation of our business