Database Health

The Goal

Agricultural Marketing and Advertising firm whose goal was to leverage customer information to create new business.

The Build-up

A Database Architect who was just starting out wanted a complete view and analysis of their members. They were under a time constraint and wanted to better understand the health of their customer data. They needed to be able to review the data in an easy-to-understand format and then set up a plan to fix the data and execute it quickly. The most critical part of the plan was not to use all their marketing budget in doing so. They found our service and were eager to get started.


A company attempting to connect to their list membership discovered some of the customers had either moved or were no longer in the industry. A great deal of time, effort, and money went into contacting these members with little or no positive results. We were not known for our Agricultural expertise, and the client was skeptical as it had a niche market with a great deal of turnover, so we turned our focus on the data to glean actionable intel.

Solution: File View

File View is a diagnostic tool that provides us with the data health and deliverability condition of a marketing audience. It also provides us with options to enhance their customer profile with additional information.

File View Features and Benefits

File View Features and Benefits

The data summary provides a top down view of the overall data health.

database health data summary

The report details takes a deeper dive into the audience providing information like Delivery Point Validation, Delivery Sequence File, Address Enhancement and deceased records. It also indicates how the file can be enhanced with various elements; telephone numbers, email addresses and some common demographics. The enhanced data is useful when determining the potential for segmentation, modeling, and other analytic applications. It allows a marketer to integrate additional marketing channels into their campaign and fine tune their marketing strategy.

database health details

Return on Investment and Future Plans

The results were better than the expected with an improvement of 7.7% on mail deliverability. The file was cleaned appended and ready for use, improving the file records by 16.4%, a projected savings of about $93,258.44. The client planned to do data updates more frequently, and add additional demographics as needed. Our client was extremely pleased that we were able to put them back in touch with this audience and were able to continue to help them grow in their business of sharing their experiences and bringing people together.

Service% of Improvement
NCOA 48 Months5.22%
Email Append16.4%
Telephone Append
• Landline7.04%
• Wireless7.60%
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