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Postal Resources will help you find official standards, mail classes, special services, rate eligibility, mail preparation and everything you need to know governing the rules of the mail industry in the United States and Canada.

USPS.COM®Postal Rate Increase – Effective 1/21/2024

USPS.COM® Home Page – United States Postal Service®

USPS® ZIP+4® Code Look-up Page – Find the ZIP+4® Codes for a particular address

USPS® Domestic & International Calculator Page – Domestic & International Postal Rate Calculators

USPS® Best Practices in Address Quality – Best Practices in Address Quality – USPS

Domestic Mail Manual – This United States Postal Service® publication explains in detail official standards, mail classes, special services, rate eligibility, mail preparation and everything you need to know. The DMM is distributed to selected Post Offices and is available online on Postal Explorer ( Copies of the DMM may be inspected during normal business hours at USPS Headquarters, area and district offices. If you mail outside the United States you may also obtain the International Mail Manual.

Quick Service Guides – The USPS® Quick Services Guide is a series of simple two-page guides on special topics. Three that are important are Publication 25 – Designing Flat Mail, Publication 353 – Designing Reply Mail and Publication 95 – Quick Service Guides, it is 136 pages and includes 43 guides on virtually every topic. All are available for free at your local post office or Postal Business Center.

Templates – They are a must for designers. Notice 67 is a clear plastic overlay that shows address placement, barcode clear zone and positioning marks for FIM patterns. It also provides a barcode decoder, character height and spacing gauges and other handy material. Notice 3A shows the aspect ratio requirements for automated processing, proper dimensions for letter size mail, and has a slot to measure mail thickness. This is also available for free from a Postal Business Center.

Mailers Companion – This is a free monthly newsletter that provides information on mail processing, address management, technology, standards and rulings. It also gives you revisions to the Domestic Mail Manual. Contact: Mailers Companion, Address Quality, United States Postal Service, 6060 Primacy Parkway, No 201, Memphis TN 38188-0001. Their fax number is 901-681-4582.

Postal Explorer – Provides a comprehensive, searchable library of USPS® publications. It is produced twice a year on CD-ROM and includes the Domestic Mail Manual, International Mail Manual, quick service guides, rate calculators, zone charts, Business Guide to Advertising with Direct Mail and more postal resources. This is available at 1-800-654-1905

Direct Mail Success for Small Business – This is one of many resources available online at It’s a step by step program on how direct mail can boost your bottom line and how to write and design simple mail that works. Tips are also available on postal guidelines, fulfillment, measuring response and more.

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