Canadian Processing

Canadian NCOA

Canadian Processing – Mail to the most current Canadian addresses on your list. We provide a range of data management services for businesses marketing in Canada and offer our clients knowledge of the Canadian marketplace, flexible pricing and quick turnaround.

Canadian Address Accuracy (SOA)

Standardize and meet address accuracy requirements for Canadian mail. In Canada a mailer can select to process their file through the Address Accuracy process without the additional NCOA process. We recommend that mailers use both processes to ensure they are mailing to the most accurate addresses.

Canadian Phone Append

ANCHOR’s Canadian Residential Data is compiled from Canadian Directory files from all the provinces. The file is updated monthly and contains approximately 12MM residential records and 2.1MM Business records used for reverse append matching.

Canadian Merge/Purge

Merge/Purge is the process that provides for updating, deleting and retaining duplicate and/or unique records within a single file or across multiple files. Our years of experience handling Canadian data make us one of the few US companies skilled in this process.

Canadian Presort

ANCHOR corrects and standardizes Canadian addresses to meet the Address Accuracy requirements of Canada Post. We use CPC-Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) approved address correction software to ensure that a mailing meets their address accuracy standard of at least 95%. We provide a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) for each database showing the accuracy percentage.