Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Pull Your Best Customers Out of Your Data

Take a deep dive into your data to discover who your customers are and what value they truly offer you. Data Analysis allows you to utilize your customer’s value to determine how much you can afford to spend to acquire a new customer, and achieve your desired return on investment.

Pair this understanding with modeling based on demographic or infographic factors, and identify other customers or prospects who look like your most valuable customers.

Consumer List Profiling

Who are your best customers? You have the answer to that question already sitting in your customer database. We can append demographics to your list and create a clear picture of what your best clients look like. Equipped with that knowledge, you can obtain more targeted lists and craft marketing decisions based on the profile.

CRM Retargeting

Get your message in front of your buyers when they are on the internet. The process called CRM retargeting gives marketers the ability to present digital targeted ads to customers or prospects who reside on the marketer’s CRM database.

Modeling & Predictive Analytics

Modeling & predictive analysis can significantly improve ROI. At the beginning of each analytical project it is important to be in contact with key stakeholders to delineate the overall project orientation, marketing objectives and priorities. This initial step also identifies key internal and external resources, points of contact and project milestones.

Response Analysis

Accurately measure marketing results and apply this knowledge to improve ROI. In today’s marketplace marketers require immediate, accurate, actionable data on responses in order to grade the degree of success of their campaigns.