Data Profile – Consumer Lists

Consumer List Profiling

Consumer list profiling appends certain demographics to your list to create a consumer data profile. These profiles will show what your best clients look like. Consumer list profiling helps maximizes your ROI. Equipped with that knowledge you can obtain more targeted lists and craft marketing decisions based on the profile.

We return a comprehensive report complete with charts and graphs to make the analysis of the results concise and user-friendly.

Using premium reference data we achieve very high match rates and our data is more accurate. We typically match each element in the 50 to 85 % range ensuring the results are a true reflection of your customer database. To maximize match rates we recommend that you process your file through NCOALink® and consider other address hygiene processes that fit your situation, prior to profiling.

The profile is a summary of the demographic makeup of your file. We can append each of the significant data elements that match to each individual record.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost- effective method to analyze your customers
  • Demographics provide comprehensive insight into your customer file
  • Quick turnaround
  • Consultative review of results with you