Consumer Data Enhancement

Learn more about your customers & watch response rates soar!

Enhancing your data with consumer demographics will help you to target and analyze you client and prospect promotions and improve your ROI.

We have access to over 250 million individuals with hundreds of detailed consumer demographics that we can append to your marketing database.

  • Common demographics (age, income, interests, home value, occupation, race, etc.)
  • Buying activity
  • Trigger data (life events),
  • Psychographics – Lifestyle segmentation
  • Auto specific

We typically match in the 50 to 90 % range; depending on the accuracy of the names and addresses you supply, and the data elements appended. To maximize match rates we recommend that you process your file through NCOA Link® and other address hygiene processes, prior to the demographic append.

Consumer Data Enhancement Benefits

  • Enhance your database to allow for a sophisticated market segmentation
  • Determine what attributes are common to your best customers and use that intelligence to reach your ideal target audience
  • Increase response rates with more precise targeted, personalized communications
  • Dedicated customer support