Database 3.0 – Design & Construction

Build a Modern Omni-Channel marketing database tailored to your specific needs. A Real time 1:1 people based marketing solution!

Database 3.0 Design & Construction is the most important part in the creation of a marketing database. It is the most critical step in any company’s marketing success. Most marketing database projects fail because the objectives for building the database were not clearly defined or a comprehensive plan was not created.


ANCHOR can provide independent evaluations of marketing database needs relative to internal and external capabilities. In this role, we work with client information technology staff, computer hardware/software vendors, outside computer service bureaus and third party data suppliers. Our consultants are well equipped to act as intermediaries between marketing personnel, and information technology staff.

Design Team

Database 3.0 is designed by one of our experienced database designers, all of whom have many years of experience designing and building marketing databases (customer, prospect and customer/prospect) for both consumer and business-to-business marketers. The designer works with production and account management personnel assigned to your account to fully document the project requirements.


ADS (ANCHOR Database Services) specializes in the design and construction of custom relational marketing databases. ANCHOR worked to develop proprietary software solutions that conform to computer industry standards and integrate with existing open-system applications. This unique blend of proprietary and open solutions has enabled us to build comprehensive custom marketing databases quickly and efficiently; that can be accessed on a non-proprietary, open system such as SQL Server, Oracle or other ODBC compliant engines.

ANCHOR’s philosophy of marketing database construction is to provide our clients with a high performance, flexible and “open” relational database system; a non-proprietary database that affords you maximum flexibility in the access and maintenance of your information

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution from a cost or functionality perspective. We don’t simply impose a stock design on each client’s database. Depending on the number of sources, the number of records and your specific requirements, the design of your relational database will be specific to your needs and your budget.

Database 3.0 Design & Construction Features & Benefits

  • Flexible open architecture allows for customized designs that meet your marketing objectives
  • Experienced staff that work with and understand both the information-system requirements and marketing objectives of the database project
  • Model Ready, pre-loaded with hundreds of variables
  • Customer Profiles & Models included in development
  • Fully Integrated personalized email, real time, single source of truth
  • Digital Integrations that are actionable across marketing channels
  • Robust Web tracking, clicks, page views, referring sources, and more
  • Sophisticated query tools, reports and analytics