Database Consulting

Let our Database Consulting experts help you build databases that meet your specific needs and budget.

Our Database Consulting team understands the importance of a robust, accessible marketing database in today’s highly competitive business environment is a given. In the era of ‘Big Data” and all the multi-channel options available, building efficient, integrated relational databases can present a myriad of challenges.

With decades of experience, we are well equipped to act as an intermediary between marketing personnel and information technology staff. Once we have created a unified vision we can establish a “plan of action” to maximize the return from your marketing database.

Our consulting services cover a range of critical areas, including:

Database System Development

ANCHOR offers a full spectrum of system development services including Information Systems Planning, Capacity Evaluation, Data Model Design, Data Sourcing Plans, Update Processing Flows and System Configuration. Our expertise covers a wide range of marketing applications:

  • Customer Marketing Database Systems
  • End User Query and Marketing Application Tools
  • Campaign Planning Systems
  • Campaign Optimization Systems
  • Scoring Model Development and Application Systems
  • Information and Forecasting Systems
  • Marketing Planning and Analysis
  • Fulfillment and Other Operational Systems

Asset Evaluation

ANCHOR can provide independent evaluations of marketing database needs relative to internal and external capabilities. In this role, we work with a client’s information technology staff, computer hardware/software vendors, outside computer service bureaus and third party data suppliers.

Strategic Business Analysis

Identify and evaluate strategic corporate marketing goals through the use of modern database marketing methods, partnerships and alliances.

CRM Marketing Opportunity Analysis

An intensive review of your CRM marketing programs to identify hidden opportunities to grow revenues, reduce costs and improve return on investment.

Best Practices & Strategies

We have an extensive experience base involving many different industries, marketing programs and technologies. We have seen the best practices at work… as well as some of the worst. Our best practices reviews include both insights gained from working with our clients as well as “state of the industry” surveys.

New Business/Product Development

Business concepts are translated into complete Business Plans with provisions for concept testing; marketing research; product development; fulfillment; media; offer and creative testing; staffing and organization; and full five year financial projections and budgets.

Performance Audits and Evaluations

Review and evaluate the critical operations of direct marketing companies with particular emphasis on: goals and objectives; structure and organization; new product development; management information/database systems; office automation; financial budgeting and reporting systems; marketing planning and execution; and market research.