Hosting & Maintenance

Maintaining a marketing database can be a daunting task for many companies. It doesn’t have to be!

ANCHOR can take all the challenges inherent in hosting and maintaining your marketing database off your shoulders and let you focus on building your business. We are recognized as one of the most dependable and cost-effective database solutions providers in the country.

Our proprietary technologies, data hygiene expertise and security protocols offer our clients a complete solution. We will handle the ETL and storage, develop a maintenance schedule as per your instructions, and coordinate the seamless integration of new records into your database. All of this will be developed in an easily accessible internet-based framework that you can connect and navigate through from your desktop.

Data Enhancements Available

We offer a further important advantage…the ability to enhance your database and maximize the potential of every record. Our access to literally hundreds of consumer and business data elements, the ability to append emails and telephone data, plus the wide range of marketing lists we access, allows our clients to gain additional insights into their customers and prospects.

Your enhanced data can be segmented utilizing our campaign management tool, allowing you to send communications across multiple channels and accurately measure results.

So whether you are looking for a trusted home for your marketing database, where all your data can be maintained and easily accessible, or you want to add enhancements, segmentation and deploy campaigns across multiple channels, ANCHOR can tailor a solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Hosting & Maintenance Features & Benefits

  • Flexible open architecture allows for customized solutions
  • Enhancements, hygiene, campaign management tools, data acquisition all in-house and easily integrated into your marketing database
  • Easy access from your desktop to manage your database
  • Dedicated team to work with you on the initial set up and ongoing maintenance of your database.