Merge / Purge


With the increased costs of production, postage and tighter deadlines, it’s imperative that marketers accurately eliminate all duplicates in a marketing database.

Since our inception, ANCHOR Computer has been at the forefront of merge/purge processing. ANCHOR’s proprietary ImageCrusherTM was developed to meet the unique demands of our clients, and we have continued to perfect the process through the years.

Whether simple or complex, a Merge / Purge is only as effective as its matching logic. Along with the standard matching levels, one of our unique features is the ability to recognize variances (misspellings) in name, address and street designations. We also allow for customizing merge/purge criteria to meet your requirements. Beside the typical matching criteria; name and address, we have the ability to match any fields in your database(s); email, phone, date of birth, transactional history, gender, etc. Go beyond name and address comparison to incorporate all additional data that may aid in determining matches across several different files.

Custom Merge/Purge Solutions

ANCHOR will identify duplicate records at an individual, household, and business level consolidating all details into a single record. Utilizing our proprietary merge/purge processes and our years of expertise in this area, we provide custom merge/purge solutions for marketers with multiple files, across disparate file formats and layouts, searching for a cost effective way to unify the data into a single, complete, easy-to-access marketing database.

Two Processing Options:

OPTION 1 – Process your file online and we will complete the process in minutes, or hours depending upon the pricing/turnaround you choose.

OPTION 2 – When working with several files, send us the files and we will process in a batch mode.

Features & Benefits

  • Customize the duplicate identification process with complete flexibility in data selection
  • Flag duplicates and receive a sample output for review
  • Match consumer & business duplicates in one pass
  • Easy to read and analyze comprehensive reports
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable account manager assigned to assist in all aspects of the merge/purge process