Reformat / Conversion

If you are looking for a fast and cost-effective way to turn disparate, inconsistent data files into actionable data, we have the solution – reformat conversion.

Reformat Conversion is a two step process. First, ANCHOR’s proprietary reformat application Reformat & Validator™ has the ability to evaluate data contained in input fields and determine the type of data contained within. The application is flexible and allows you to add data variables to a particular table if necessary. Second, Conversion files are converted to a single output reusable file.

The software will identify individual names in company fields and move the data to individual name fields on output. Reformat evaluates, name, company, professional title and up to 6 lines of address data. The ANCHOR conversion group are experts at converting non-standard formats, and correcting specific file data anomalies.

During our Reformat process, name and address fields are compared against a vulgarity (profanity) table. Records that contain data matched to the vulgarity table are written out to a reject file.

Features & Benefits:

  • Convert up to 5 different input files into a single output structure in a single pass.
  • Standardize address-related data based on USPS® Publication 28 requirements.
  • Apply gender coding to records based on an extensive first name table.
  • Conditional or unconditional replacement or insertion of data.
  • User defined frequency distributions and data validation on all output fields.
  • Extensive quality control and statistical reports.
  • Assign Company indicator to records based on keywords contained in the company field.