Standardize to USPS® format, and receive a deliverability grade on each address

CASS is a required processes in qualification for USPS® presorts, saturation, and automation discounts. We quickly and inexpensively run mailing lists through this fundamental process. The process will standardize your addresses in the USPS® format and provides four essential USPS® processes.

We can also append the output to include both county and congressional district codes.

CASS – (Coding Accuracy Support System) provides the standardization of addresses into the standard USPS® format, adds the five digit ZIP, ZIP + 4® codes, delivery point and carrier route codes.

DPV® – (Delivery Point Validation) will indicate whether an address is a deliverable address, based on USPS® National Address File. In addition, we assign a mail deliverability index to every address in your database to indicate which addresses are deliverable and which are not.

LACSLink® – The Locatable Address Conversion System is a database of converted addresses that primarily arise from the implementation of the 911 system. 911 address conversions normally involve changing rural-style addresses to city-style addresses. Conversions may result in the renaming and/or renumbering of existing city style addresses. LACSLink® reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information for matches made to the LACSLink® file.

Suite Link® – SuiteLink® is a USPS® database containing business addressing information specifically identified as high-rise default records as a result of CASS processing. SuiteLink® will append the secondary (suite) information to a business address providing the input address is determined to be a high-rise default record. The SuiteLink® product will enable customers to provide improved business addressing information by adding known secondary (suite) information to business addresses.

The process provides the required CASS certificate – PS Form 3553

ANCHOR updates the ZIP+4 directory on a monthly basis to provide the most accurate data available.

CASS™ Features & Benefits

  • Standardize your addresses to the USPS® format, and improve NCOALink® and other hygiene matches
  • Qualify for USPS® automation and presort discounts
  • Append congressional district and county codes
  • Dedicated customer support