Deceased Suppression


Save Money And Reduce Complaints By Using Deceased Suppression!

Marketers should minimize insensitive situations caused by sending mail to deceased individuals. ANCHOR’s proprietary Deceased Suppression Processing will reduce the number of deceased individuals you mail to.

Most companies have detailed information in their customers’ records, but often do not know when a customer passes away. That’s why ANCHOR Computer developed one of the largest and most effective multi- sourced files of deceased individuals coupled with our award winning name and address matching logic.

We offer you two processing options:

OPTION 1 – Process your file online and we will complete the process in minutes, or hours depending upon the pricing/turnaround you choose.

OPTION 2 – Process yourself in-house by licensing our Suppression File, with or without our easy to use software.

Deceased-suppression Features & Benefits

  • Database is constructed from a variety of public and proprietary sources, and is refreshed every month
  • Includes about 100 million names
  • Our powerful Merge/Purge accuracy and pattern recognition techniques identify and suppress records
  • User -defined matching options, various ranges of tight to loose
  • Typical suppression rates from 1% to 6% based on demographics
  • Reduces printing and postage costs by eliminating deceased individuals from your list prior to mailing
  • Minimize insensitive situations by deleting deceased individuals prior to mailing
  • Dedicated customer support

“I found out my cruise list had 4% deceased, I wish I had known this before” – V.P. Mktg Cruise Line