DMA Mail Preference Suppress | Super Suppress

DMA Mail Preference Suppress eliminates Names & Addresses that will respond poorly

Mail Preference Suppress

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) is an effective means of purging your lists of records that match the DMA Do Not Mail list, consisting of 4 million+ consumers who do not want to receive advertising mail.

List providers should use this service to identify prospects who should not be included in list rentals for mailing solicitations. It is not mandatory that mailers suppress individuals on the MPS file. The decision to mail or suppress a DMA MPS record is at your discretion. Please note that DMA members are required to suppress prospects, with whom they have no business relationship, and who match the DMA MPS file.

Super Suppress

Far too often, after a mail campaign is completed, a mailer discovers many of the records in their marketing database should have been suppressed from the mailing and resources were spent on records that should not have been included in the mailing.

We designed a cost-effective way to combine the most common elements for suppression. Our proprietary Super Suppress process includes the following; Deceased Suppression, MPS, Profanity, Prison, Nursing Homes, APO/FPO and Blank Addresses.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is an effective means of purging your mail list of the 4 million+ consumers who do not want to receive advertising mail at home.

Our Prison file is complied from records obtained from correctional departments, probation and parole authorities. We suppress addresses of federal prisons, state prisons, county correctional facilities and city jails.

Suppressing nursing homes, APO/FPO (military addresses), profanity and blank address records eliminates risky and unprofitable prospects from your mailing list(s) saving you time and money.

This service requires a Deceased Suppression Processing Acknowledgement Form.

Any of the services included in this process can be ordered separately or in different combinations.

DMA Mail Preference Suppress Features and Benefits

  • Save on printing, postage & production costs by not mailing to poor performing records
  • Minimize alienation from prospects who do not want to receive mail
  • Avoid the embarrassment of sending mail addressed to a deceased individual
  • Dedicated customer support