File View

A blueprint for improving your data

ANCHOR’s File View is a diagnostic tool that provides a marketer with the deliverability condition of a marketing database. It also provides the potential to enhance the file with additional information.

A sample of 10,000 records from your file is analyzed through a suite of 12 ANCHOR address hygiene and enhancement processes.

We provide a detailed report that first summarizes the deliverability condition:

  •  The number of records that probably will not be delivered due to address hygiene issues; bad zip code, incomplete address information, invalid address, change of address, etc.
  •  Records that we can correct or improve, and therefore will most likely be delivered.

The report also indicates how the file can be enhanced with various elements; telephone numbers, email addresses and 11 common demographics. This information can be useful in determining the potential of a file for segmentation, modeling, and other analytic applications, and will allow a marketer the option of integrating additional marketing channels into their campaign and fine tune their strategic planning.

The summary report also indicates the percentage of duplicates in the 10,000 record sample.

In addition, the report calculates the potential savings by taking the percentages indicated in the summary and applying it to the entire file. See how Fileview can help you improve Data Quality.

File View Features and Benefits

  • Complete a report card on your data prior to any campaign
  • Identify additional marketing options and estimated costs prior to processing
  • Identify address corrections we can provide and undeliverable records
  • Review the results and order any number of the services
  • Dedicated customer support