MaxIdentify – Identify the same person even though they may have moved or changed their name

ANCHOR created MaxIdentify which is a compiled database consisting of links to the same individual regardless of physical address and/or last name. We have linked many of name and address groups using information, such as Social Security and email addresses.

Many databases contain 5-10% of the same individual, but at a different address or their last name has changed. This results in wasted marketing dollars and customer irritation.

We return an identify group number to each record, designating which record we consider to be the most current.

MaxIdentify incorporated with ANCHOR’s suite of address hygiene products brings data quality to a new level.

MaxIdentify – Features & Benefits

  • Identify people who have moved or have multiple addresses, many missed by NCOALink®
  • Link women who have changed their last name
  • Link aliases or misspelled names at different addresses
  • Reduce costs by not duplicating marketing costs to the same individual
  • Dedicated customer support