Name & Address Verify

Is the individual still at the address on your record, even after applying NCOALink®?

We designed a proprietary name & address verify process to confirm the name and address. ANCHOR provides a complete range of address hygiene services to insure that the contact information on our clients’ databases is as accurate and current as possible. After updating a database for our clients, many will ask us if there is a way to verify the records that we did not update, that the person they have listed at an address is still located at that address.

Our access to many diverse datasets, totaling over 1 billion records, allows us to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether the name and address is still current. This process is important for any database, but even more significant for records on a database that is older. Several direct mail industry experts believe that up to 40% of individuals who move, do not file a COA with the post office.

We recommend a series of initial hygiene processes; NCOALink®, MaxCOA. AAE (address correction), and deceased suppression. Once we have the applied the results of these processes, we match against all the various databases to verify that individual is still located at that address.

Name & Address Verify Features and Benefits

  • Save on postage & production costs by eliminating outdated records
  • Confirm a large portion of your customers/prospects at address on your file
  • Determine addresses with new inhabitants as potential new clients
  • Dedicated customer support