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Market Smarter By Utilizing Your Offline Data Online

Email is a critical component of any business’s digital marketing. With ANCHOR’s data services, marketers can create targeted email campaigns that generate response and conversion. ANCHOR has helped hundreds of marketers develop and deploy personalized revenue generating email campaigns for the past decade.

Enhance targeted digital display ads, google adwords campaigns and social media advertising by connecting email records to these channels.

ANCHOR Targeted Max-audience

Our data will strategically enhance your targeted digital display ads, Google Adwords campaigns and social media advertisements.

Email Hygiene / Validation

Identify undeliverable emails prior to sending to save money and protect your IP reputation. ANCHOR offers a very robust solution to separate the good addresses from those that are not safe to email.

Email Append - Consumer & Business

Reach your customers and prospects by adding accurate, deliverable emails to your marketing database. ANCHOR is one of the leaders in email data management. Our deliverability guarantee, the extensive datasets we maintain, and our proprietary matching logic has made us the trusted source for accurate, and cost-effective email append.

Email COA (Change of Address)

An email that was delivered before is now bouncing back; let us provide a new deliverable email for that contact. We have a cost-effective solution, Email Change of Address (ECOA). The process provides a new deliverable email address to replace the outdated email when we can find a match.

Reverse Email Append

If all you have is an email, we can find out who it belongs to. Internet registrations, point-of-sale capture, and social media channels often provide marketers with only an email for someone, or simply a name and email. If some records in your house file or prospect list are incomplete, ANCHOR has a solution to append names and addresses to your records from those emails.

Email Deployment

Anyone can blast out emails, but doing it properly requires expertise. Email marketing provides one of the best ROIs of all the marketing channels available today.

Email Campaign Management

A successful email campaign requires a total management plan and deliverable emails are essential. ANCHOR has developed a comprehensive platform to turn all the disparate aspects of email campaign management into a coordinated, intelligent, and easy-to-follow process.

DMA Email Preference Service

Concerned about emailing to an individual who prefers not to receive marketing via email, we can identify them for you. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) email preference service (EPS) is a means of purging your e-mail lists of consumers who do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial e-mails.

ANCHOR Connect

Did you ever say, “I wish I could identify all the people who visited my web site so that I could communicate and market to them”? Well now you can with ANCHOR Connect! By placing a pixel or multiple pixels at different select pages, we can capture and identify who visited your site or specific places on your site and deliver that information in the form of MD5 Hash Email, Opt-in Email addresses or Postal name and address or any combination of those.