Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management plans play a key role in a successful marketing strategy. You know how many marketing emails you receive every day and what makes you open one and ignore another. The email opened usually is personalized and has an offer that is timely. The best email campaigns are personalized, segmented, automated and seamlessly integrated with the other dominant marketing channels used to reach people; web, social, mobile and print.

Add video to the mix, the need to track customer engagement, and more precisely test and measure the results of campaigns; it’s clear that proven email campaign management is essential to realize the impressive ROI that email can deliver.

ANCHOR has developed a comprehensive platform to turn all the disparate aspects of campaign management into a coordinated, intelligent, and easy-to-follow process. We can help you deliver the right message to the right person in a fully automated fashion, track results with precision, and analyze the responses to help shape future campaigns.

Our email campaign management process covers these four essential areas:

Client Data

Starting with the email and other contact information, we can enhance the data with demographics, psychographics and social media data. By enhancing and then segmenting the data, we can set up test cells and other measurement options; i.e. deliver day, time of day.

Campaign Production

We work with you in all aspects of an effective email campaign. Everything from list importing, segmentation, rules creation, and all aspects required to make your email campaign successful.


Utilizing our comprehensive deployment system we will deliver your email messages, all the while protecting your domains and IP reputation. Today almost half (and growing) of all email are being opened by mobile phones and we configure your message to render properly across mobile platforms.

Response Analytics

A full compliment of response metrics and analysis are available. All the fundamental metrics are returned to you: bounces, opens, click-throughs, unsubscribes. Along with database management, we can report information on shopping cart abandonments, conversion at the site to purchases, site visit information, etc. We can also provide you with sophisticated analytics, including valuable tools like Google Analytics and Omniture within the same platform.

Email Campaign Management Features & Benefits

  • Review your email deployment message to assist in CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Capability to deliver your email and accurately measure performance
  • Dedicated, experienced team of email marketing professionals
  • Data enhancement for precise targeting and segmentation
  • One source for every aspect of your campaign