Lead Verification

Real Time Lead Verification – Stop wasting time and money on bogus leads

LeadVerifier™ a division of ANCHOR Computer, is a professional marketing service to improve your leads in “real time” via data cleansing, verification and enhancement. All real-time lead verification services are also available in a batch processing environment.

LeadVerifier uses the most current, accurate and comprehensive data available.

  • 750+ million phone records including daily updated Directory Assistance information
  • Telephone data includes cell phone records, OCN, VoIP, DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers
  • Consumer, Business and Government name and address information
  • Billions of Consumer “Opt-In” email records
  • USPS® Address Data
  • Multi-sourced demographic data

Name & Address Verification – Validates a person/family exists at a specific address

Full Name or Last Name Address Verification

Social Security Number Verification – Aids in fraud prevention

Last 4 Digits Verification

Phone Verification – Reach the right person the first time you call

  • Area Code Update & Repair
  • Phone Number Append or Reverse Append
  • Cell Phone, DID Number Identification
  • OCN (Operating Company Number) Identification
  • Suspected Disconnected Number Identification (option)® Address Data

Postal Verification – Save on postage and eliminate undeliverable mail

  • Confirm Address as valid USPS® Delivery Point
  • Standardize Addresses to USPS® Requirements and add ZIP + 4™
  • Append Apartment, or Append Suite Number if Missing
  • Identify Addresses as Residential or Business

Email Verification & Communication – Reach the right email address and reduce undeliverables

  • Email Verification – Syntax & Correction
  • Email Domain Name Verification & Correction
  • Email Append
  • Known “Bad” Emails Identification
  • SMTP Email Validation

Suppression Processing – Eliminates undesirable names and addresses from your file

  • Deceased Processing
  • Profanity Suppress
  • Client File Suppress
  • Prison Suppress
  • Do Not Call or Do Not Mail DMA Preference File

Repetitive Lead Processing – Eliminate duplicate leads.

  • De-Dupe Current Leads (client element select)

Demographic Enhancement – Develop lead profiles to improve subsequent marketing & CRM efforts

  • Age, Gender and DOB
  • Income, Home Value & Education Level
  • Hispanic/Asian Name Identification
  • Presence of Children
  • Marital Status
  • Length of Residence… plus many more (inquire for full list)