Consumer, Business & Occupant Lists

Quality lists complete with addresses, phone and emails all in one stop

Consumer Lists

MegaBase contains demographic and lifestyle information that gives you the option to target individuals or households that are your best prospects. MegaBase is one of the largest and most comprehensive nationally compiled consumer files.

Our List Select + platform will give you instant on-line access to millions of prospects and the ability to select and receive lists within minutes, 24/7. If you prefer, please contact us for instant counts and assistance acquiring a list. There is a full range of demographic selects available on both the individual and household data level.

We can provide all three marketing communication formats; address, phone and email.

Business Lists

We offer a number of databases that combine for over 40 MM businesses and professionals nationwide. That means more accurate data and cost effective pricing for your business list needs.

We provide a full range of firmographic selects for all types of companies and organizations.

We can provide all three contact levels; address, phone and emails.

Occupant Lists

Our occupant list is an accurate compilation of deliverable addresses in the United States. Addresses are comprised of residential addresses, business addresses, post office box addresses (where there is no home delivery) and post office box number addresses used as auxiliary addresses.

Our occupant database is 100% ZIP+4+2 and carrier route coded. Our occupant mail addresses can be used for national, regional and neighborhood occupant mailings.

This database can also be used for address validation and as a foundation for new or existing customer databases. All addresses are matched to the Delivery Sequence File (DSF) to ensure accuracy.

Our Quick Count System (call us for details) will give you instant on-line access to millions of prospects. If you prefer, please contact us for instant counts and to place your order.