New Movers & Specialty Lists

Find new customers in your area before your competitors do

New Movers – Phone, Postal or Email

One of the most popular lists that marketers utilize is a list of new movers into a geographic area. Obviously people new to an area are looking to establish relationships with a wide range of businesses, including; household furnishings and appliances, local restaurants, cable and phone services, local retail stores, landscaping companies, insurance, security system providers, and auto dealers. An accurate list of new movers will very quickly introduce your business to your new neighbors and help you develop a new client before they find a competitor.

All our new movers data is highly deliverable as we use licensed US Postal Service® (USPS®) and commercial software to code and evaluate address records.

Accurate New Phones Daily

For marketers utilizing telemarketing, we provide new mover data with accurate EDA phone numbers to greatly enhance your ability to reach new people in a region before others can. In fact we supply data to major newspapers and call centers.

You can receive your New Movers daily – everyday – or weekly or whatever frequency works best for you.

Call us and let us explain how we can help you create a new movers list that works for your business

New Movers Features & Benefits

  • Accuracy – The list is compiled from high quality multiple sources, to deliver more depth.
  • Choose postal, phone, email or any combination for over 1.5 million New Movers per month. Counts vary by selection. New movers are available by dwelling type, as home versus apartment dwellers. Most new movers can also be selected by estimated income and home value, presence of children, age, birth date, homeowner, gender and move distance.
  • Geographic Options – You can select by a radius from your location, based on mileage, drive distance or drive-time, or simply a ZIP Code™ or county.

Specialty Lists

Through our extensive network of compilers we can locate specialty lists for marketers. These are lists outside of the common requests; consumer, business and occupant lists, and are typically response-based databases and lists from professional associations and business that broker their data into the marketplace.

While having access to unusual mailing lists is a start, knowing which sources are the best, which lists are current and where to find the best price, is critical. Having provided hygiene and list management services to list brokers for decades, we have first hand knowledge of their data sets and the accuracy of what they compile. These insights help assure our clients that the specialized data they are searching for will be accurate and meet their needs.

Typical specialty lists would be; real estate data, bankruptcies, medical facilities & practices, religious organization, and list based on specific buying histories and interests.