Select lists online in minutes 24/7

List Select+ allows you to streamline your marketing efforts utilizing web automation. Obtain list counts, cost estimates, rentals and list fulfillment 24/7 via the Internet.

List Select+ provides:

  • Access to your lists 24/7 using a secure web login from any browser
  • Current and accurate data from consumer and business compilations, occupant or new movers lists
  • Competitive list rental fees based on your selection criteria
  • Fulfillment from the system via email or other output formats

Demo Available

Take a tour of the product capabilities. Call us at 888-728-6262 for a friendly, no obligation walk through. We will set up a user account for you to access actual list counts from the available lists.

List Select Features & Benefits

  • Demographic and geographic selects and omits.
  • Select driving distance, driving time, radius or create a custom geographic area using Google maps
  • Ability to select or omit prior orders to save you time building your list counts
  • Flexibility to run complex boolean selections utilizing comparisons such as: equal to, greater or less than, not equal to, etc.
  • Upload file of values to select or omit (e.g., ZIP Codes)
  • Counts that interactively update as you add or remove selects

The list fulfillment system will provide robust list ordering capability, including options for output file formats, the addition of particular data elements to your lists such as slugs, key codes and much more. All are available for 24/7 automated fulfillment.