Capture all your postage savings using Presort

Presort Accuracy and Validation Evaluation (PAVETM) is used by mailers to take advantage of the tremendous postage discounts offered by the USPS® for presorting all classes of mail: First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service; and for all types of mail: letters, flats and parcels.

ANCHOR can sort your lists on a file by file basis, or direct mailers that need presorting on a frequent basis we offer our state of the art MaxPresort OS software.

We can presort mail of all types – letters, flats, marketing and machinable parcels – and all USPS® Mail classes – First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Package Services. We will do all the qualified levels on your list; walk sequence and high-density, carrier route, enhanced line-of-travel, 3-digit and 5-digit presort with their associated schemes.

USPS® & Industry Initiatives

Our processing supports all current USPS® and mailing industry electronic initiatives such as IDEAlliance’s Mail.dat specifications and the USPS® PostalOne!® mail verification and acceptance program. We generate Intelligent Mail Barcodes and the EMD file for the USPS Confirm program designed for electronic outbound and inbound mail tracking capabilities

Full Reports

Our presorting includes all the USPS® required reports as well as extensive audit trail reports designed to facilitate efficient mail preparation. We also provide Tray Tags and Bag Tags.

A completed First Class presort questionnaire form, Standard Mail presort questionnaire form, or Parcel Services presort questionnaire form, must be completed and sent to ANCHOR prior to processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensure qualification at every level of sortation in your mailing to maximize postage savings
  • Easy-to-use output returned with all requisite forms & tags
  • Dedicated customer service support at every stage of the process