Landline, Wireless & Private Number Append

Improve your telesales campaigns by adding phone numbers from all three phone append options in one pass

ANCHOR’s append solution for Landline, Wireless and Unlisted phone numbers stands alone in the industry, and why so many marketers look to ANCHOR for the most complete and accurate data available.

Industry Leading Match Rates

Our multi-sourced reference files for all three append options provide our clients with the highest match and accuracy rate. Landline append includes the 411-EDA.

We developed a proprietary process that allows you to order all three options or any combination. Turnaround can be within minutes or hours based on file size. A client can set priorities on the order of the options as well as the confidence codes returned.

Do Not Call Requirements

To assist you in following the Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) ANCHOR provides you with Time Zone Application, which limits your calls to a period of 8am through 9pm. For those calling consumers, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are in compliance with all Federal and State regulations. ANCHOR offers optional Do Not Call services. If you are exempt from the Federal DNC regulations, we must receive a signed waiver form prior to processing. For all others we must receive a SAN (Subscription Authorization Number) form prior to processing Federal DNC. At this time we only offer state DNC through a trusted third party. We offer DMA TPS Do Not Call suppression.

Here is a link to the FTC for information on the DNC registry and regulations.

A signed phone data services acknowledgement form must be received prior to processing.

Landline, Wireless & Private Number Append – ANCHOR Computer Features & Benefits

  • Multiple data sources, plus 411/EDA (Electronic Directory Assistance) updated daily
  • All three phone append options or any combination available in one pass.
  • Customize your match priorities
  • Time Zone Identification with Daylight Savings Time flagging.
  • Fully automated, web-enabled system for speedy, seamless processing 24/7. Turnaround in minutes.
  • Optional Federal Do-Not-Call & DMA TPS with records flagged