New Connects / New Movers

Let our decades of experience in the Telemarketing Industry work for you

Our telephone data services division is staffed by a group of professionals with decades of experience working with many any of the largest newspapers, publishers, telemarketing agencies and national call-centers in the country. They have trusted ANCHOR for years to provide them the most current numbers, along with custom solutions like disconnect rejuvenation and daily/weekly new movers phone data.

Newly Connected Phones / New Movers

Utilizing multiple sources we provide one of the most comprehensive new connects/new movers files available. Included in the daily feeds are approximately 30,000 new residential phones and roughly 8,000 business phones (each day). These are extremely valuable for companies looking to sell goods and services to new movers.

  • Sourced from all Regional Bell Operating Companies & Local Exchange Carriers
  • Data delivered in the format you request daily or weekly

Disconnect Rejuvenation

If you are calling an existing prospect/customer database and can’t reach a portion of them due to receiving disconnect, wrong number or no answer dispositions, we have a solution for you. Our rejuvenation service will provide a significant lift in callable numbers, because we are matching against one of the largest repositories of landline, private, cell, and VoIP numbers in the country.

New Connects / New Movers Features & Benefits

  • Expertise in the telemarketing industry
  • Multiple sources across all telco options – landline, private
  • Proprietary matching logic to increase match rates & accuracy
  • Dedicated customer support