SMS Messaging

Reach your customers instantly wherever they are with SMS Messaging

There is no denying that SMS (Short Message Service) messaging, commonly referred to as “text messaging”, is one of the most effective channels in this evolving digital age of advertising. As customers assume more control over the marketing channels they receive, mobile is emerging as a preferred choice for many people.

Marketers are able to reach audiences in real time and deliver timely, personalized messages that can instantly generate orders, provide alerts to promotions, respond to inquiries, connect to other social media and further engage your network with unique ideas like multi-user games and contests. Sophisticated campaigns are now using the GPS tracking embedded in cell phones to deliver messages triggered by proximity that drive immediate traffic to businesses.

Though more and more businesses recognize the need for a mobile strategy, and are moving to integrate mobile engagement into their marketing, there are many challenges involved in using mobile effectively. It’s more involved than collecting opt-ins and simply firing out text messages. As one of the premier providers of phone data and database management services, ANCHOR is positioned to help marketers build successful mobile campaigns in every aspect of the process

  • Building the opt-in lists,
  • Campaign creation, calls to action
  • Short code & keyword creation
  • Seamless deployment
  • Tracking & reporting,
  • Analysis
  • Database management

SMS Messaging Features & Benefits

  • All interactions are 100 % opt-in
  • 95 % of all text messages are read
  • Response rates 4 – 5 times higher than traditional marketing
  • Message can be linked in real time to the web