POS Capture

POS Capture – If you only have a name and zip code, we can provide an address

One of the frequently used processes by ANCHOR Computer Retail clients is the POS Capture process. We provide address data for your customers when Point-of-Sale Capture is incomplete (or impossible). It is always best to capture a name and address information at the point of sale, but is not always possible.

Retail Shopper Identifier is an innovative solution for acquiring customer address information by leveraging two data components: the customer name and zip code. By running a reverse append against our in-house consumer databases, telco files and emails datasets, we are able to match names to addresses, with only the name and zip code. POS Capture allows you to identify more customers, enjoy greater understanding of purchase behavior and allows you to immediately communicate with your customer’s right after their current purchase. In addition to helping you communicate accurately with your customers, the process eliminates cumbersome data entry at POS. You can now complete shopper contact information for customers who use a third party credit or debit card, which typically would not capture complete address information.

Other marketers may acquire databases with incomplete address information, often just a name, state and zip code. Most of the time marketers do not realize there is a solution, a convenient way to capture the missing address information and add those individuals into their direct marketing campaigns.

Once you have the address information you may now append additional information, including email address, phones and demographics.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates privacy concerns at Point-Of-Sale
  • Turns partial address information into a complete mailing record
  • Cost effective – You only pay on the matches
  • Dedicated customer support

Please Note – Due to privacy laws, we are unable to output data for the State of California.

Please check the states that you have a presence in and the data you collect to assure you are in compliance with all regulations.