Canadian Address Accuracy (SOA)

Standardize and meet address accuracy requirements for Canadian mail

In Canada a mailer can select to process their file through the Canadian Address Accuracy process without the additional NCOA process. We recommend that mailers use both processes to ensure they are mailing to the most accurate addresses.

To qualify for Canada Post’s Incentive Lettermail, Addressed Admail and Publication Mail rates, mailers must meet certain Address Accuracy Program requirements. This is similar to the USPS requirement of utilizing CASS certified address matching software. The Address Accuracy standard in Canada is 95%, which means that at least 95% of the addresses on a mailing list must be valid addresses. This standard must be achieved otherwise a rate adjustment is applied to the mail pieces with inaccurate addresses.

We process and standardize a mailing list through Canada Post recognized Address Validation and Correction software, and a Statement of Accuracy (SOA) is provided to report the percentage of accurate addresses when mail is deposited with Canada Post. You are required to keep a valid copy of the SOA on file in the event Canada Post requests a copy. Mailers must also generate a new SOA once a year for each customer database or on the contents of a merged database.

For more information, please download the Canadian Addressing Guide. To download our Canadian COA/Address Accuracy Product Information Sheet, please click here: Canadian Services Product Information Sheet. Please note that our prices are in U.S. Funds.

Canadian Address Accuracy (SOA) Features & Benefits

  • Experience with Canadian postal system
  • Convenient and fast online processing at competitive prices
  • Dedicated customer support