Email Address Data Hygiene & Validation Service


Industry statistics indicate that 30% of emails addresses are changed every year. Email data hygiene validation will fix an email database that has not been updated recently. If email hygiene validation is not done any new email addresses that have not been validated prior to an email campaign will be susceptible to all the common hazards inherent in sending. This includes, but is not limited to, undeliverable emails, spam trap hits, blocked emails, a downgrade of your company’s email reputation with the ISPs and even being blacklisted.

How our Email Data Hygiene & Email Validation Service will benefit your business?

We identify undeliverable emails prior to sending to save money and protect your IP reputation. ANCHOR offers a very robust solution to separate the good addresses from those that are not safe to email. Where some companies may simply provide a quick audit of the email address and attempt to match against a limited house file, we provide a comprehensive three step process to validate the deliverability of the email and can also offer a fourth step where we will do a deployment as the ultimate test of an email’s deliverability.

Email Hygiene Validation Features

  • Review your deployment message to assist in CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Comprehensive validation, correction, and testing all in one stop
  • Robust file of over 300 MM suppression emails, updated daily for best results
  • User-friendly reports on each level of hygiene provide a clear picture of results
  • Dedicated customer support at every stage of the process

Levels of Validation

Level One – Checks for general syntax and spelling errors, plus invalid domains and other format issues.

  • Ensure the address syntax conforms to RFC922 and other industry syntax standards.
  • Confirm that the upper and lower domains and associated MX (mail exchanger) records are valid and can accept mail.
  • Ensure email address meets ISP-specific requirements.
  • Correct misplaced or transposed @ signs and invalid characters such as spaces or quotation marks and other syntax errors
  • Correct typos in both top-level domain (.com, .net, .biz etc.) and second-level domain (Gmail, AOL, hotmail, etc.)

Level Two – Suppression against our multi-sourced file of over 300 MM emails to eliminate emails that are problematic: hard bounces, spam traps, complainers and screamers (individuals known to complain to the ISPs)

Level Three – SMTP handshake, “ping”, against the leading ISPs to see if the email exists in their system. This process provides a “Valid”, “Invalid” or “Unknown” score on each record. “Unknown” records may still be deliverable.

Level Four – Deploy a generic permission request message, or actual promotion to all addresses that pass through the first three levels as either valid or unknown, and allow a number of days for a response, validating that the email address is deliverable or undeliverable.

A signed Email Data Services PAF (Processing Acknowledgement Form) is required prior to processing.