Marketing Data Services

Marketing Data Enrichment

Your Complete Marketing Data Solutions Partner

Accurate Data is the key to your success. ANCHOR’s Data Services will help you maintain a higher level of data quality, analyze customer purchase and response history, precisely target and profile current and prospective customers as well as obtain and monitor other key metrics critical to implementing successful business retention and growth plans.

There is no data request our hands-on team of industry leading experts can’t handle. You are just one call away from your complete data solutions partner.

Data Management

Our comprehensive Omnichannel Marketing Data Solutions allows marketers to integrate all essential data points. This provides a consolidated view that allows for in-depth analysis.

Digital Marketing

ANCHOR’s Digital Marketing services focus on taking your offline data online. With the comprehensive data points we offer; we can take your customer or prospect data and you will reach your targets through social media ads, digital display advertising or google search campaigns.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics services allow businesses to discover how their customers engage with their company or brand in order to develop strategic customer centric marketing plans.

Data Enrichment

Our Data Enrichment services are designed to enhance a business’s knowledge of their customers and prospects allowing them to market smarter.

Email Data Services

Marketers reply on our Email Marketing Solutions Consultants to design tailored programs that meet their specific needs, from obtaining or correcting emails to full blown email campaign management.

Phone Data Services

ANCHOR has one of the most comprehensive, complete & accurate phone data solutions in the industry.

Data Quality

Data quality is the first step to any successful marketing campaign. That is why we have create a complete address correction suite of products that provides the most accurate and deliverable address available.

List Select Plus

Get quality mailing lists online in minutes 24/7. ListSelect+ allows you to streamline your marketing efforts utilizing web automation. Obtain list counts, cost estimates, rentals and list fulfillment 24/7 via the Internet.

Canadian Processing

We provide a range of data services for businesses marketing in Canada. Our Canadian processing experts offer our clients knowledge of the marketplace, flexible pricing and quick turnaround.

POS Capture

One of the frequently used processes by ANCHOR Computer Retail clients is the POS Capture process. We provide address data for your customers when Point-of-Sale Capture is incomplete (or impossible).


Our Presort service is used by mailers to take advantage of the tremendous postage discounts offered by the USPS® for presorting all classes of mail: First Class, Periodicals, Standard, and Package Service; and for all types of mail: letters, flats and parcels.