Direct Marketing Services

Telemarketing is a very common form of marketing companies use to connect with potential customers who would use their products or services. Many of the largest call centers, newspapers and telemarketing professionals in the country have counted on ANCHOR as the most complete source for their phone data needs.

In an environment of mandatory regulations and compliance, marketers have come to rely on ANCHOR’s knowledge and experience to provide guidance in these critical areas.

Telemarketers Need:

  • Accurate & complete phone numbers
  • Do Not Call numbers identified
  • Assistance with FTC and industry regulations and standards
  • New movers
  • Database management

Telemarketing Clients

  • Call Centers
  • Newspaper/Publishers
  • Political Fundraisers
  • Market Research Firms
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Non-Profits
  • Lead Generation Companies
  • Seminar Booking Agencies
  • Collection Agencies
  • Retailers
  • Media Buyers
  • Investment Firms