Marketing Data Services

ANCHOR’s Data Services will help you maintain a higher level of data quality, analyze customer purchase and response history, precisely target and profile current and prospective customers as well as obtain and monitor other key metrics critical to implementing successful business retention and growth plans.

Data quality is the foundation of any successful marketing effort. Businesses that want to ensure their data files are accurate should consider implementing address hygiene services before beginning a campaign, digital or print. Taking this step drastically improves the odds of reaching your desired target.

With ANCHOR’s data services, marketers can create targeted email campaigns that generate response and conversion. ANCHOR has helped hundreds of marketers develop and deploy personalized revenue generating email campaigns for the past decade.

ANCHOR’s integrated marketing data management solution provides omnichannel marketing capabilities that capture customer insights. Increase response rates by crafting tailored marketing campaigns that reach customers or prospects through the best marketing channel for them.

Take a deep dive into your data to discover who your customers are and what value they truly offer you. Data Analysis allows you to utilize your customer’s value to determine how much you can afford to spend to acquire a new customer, and achieve your desired return on investment.

Identity Management

Anchor offers many products to help you make sure you’re reaching the right individual.