Data Enrichment

Consumer Data Enhancement

Learn more about your customers and watch response rates soar! In today’s marketplace your ability to generate new clients, while retaining and growing existing business, is invariably connected to how well you target your communications.

Business Data Enhancement

The more you know about a business, the more likely you are to make them clients. In today’s marketplace the most successful B2B marketers have a clear vision of their most likely prospects and target their campaigns accordingly. Data enrichment can help you develop an ideal client profile by appending firmograhics to your list of company names and addresses.

Telephone Enrichment

ANCHOR has one of the most comprehensive, complete & accurate phone data solutions in the industry

Email Address Enrichment

Email is a critical component of any business’s digital marketing. With ANCHOR’s data services, marketers can create targeted email campaigns that generate response and conversion. ANCHOR has helped hundreds of marketers develop and deploy personalized revenue generating email campaigns for the past decade.

Enhance targeted digital display ads, google adwords campaigns and social media advertising by connecting email records to these channels.

Dealer Radius Processing

Identify which customers or prospects are closest to your business location(s). One of the most common data enrichment strategies is the use of analytic applications. They are used  by marketers for geospatial analysis. Marketers use all the various geographic options available to locate and target customers and prospects.


Assign any address in the country a lat/long and use that data in your marketing decisions. ANCHOR supplies Geocoding, sometimes referred to as Geo-Census Coding, by appending latitude, longitude and census codes such as Census Tract/Block and Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) to your records, based on ZIP+4® codes.

Gender Code

A first name is not always an accurate indication of someone’s gender. ANCHOR assigns a gender code to each record on your file to maximize the use of gender specific marketing services. We provide codes to identify that the name in your record is male, female or ambiguous.