Assign latitude and longitude to any address in the United States and Canada or Internationally and use to enhance your marketing decisions

ANCHOR provides Geo-coding, sometimes referred to as Geo-Census Coding, to append Latitude (Lat), Longitude (Long) and census data to your records based on address. Address matching can be done at the Zip+4® or the more precise roof-top.

The geocode is based on the same data used in automobile navigation systems, and is enhanced by the TIGER/Line (Topologically Integrated Graphic Encoding and Referencing) file to improve accuracy.

Using the results of Geo Census Coding, along with demographic information, marketers are assisted in a number of areas: market penetration analysis, predictive and target models, media planning, territory management, mapping and other sales applications.

Along with the assignment of a lat/long to an address, the process also will provide census tract/block and Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) information. The CBSA was previously referred to as the MSA – Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Geo-coding Features & Benefits

  • Utilize the exact geographic location for a range of geospatial marketing decisions
  • Create maps and determine proximity to locations using the lat/long coordinates
  • Dedicated customer support