Non-Profits & Associations

Non-Profits & Associations

Non-profit corporations differ from profit-driven corporations in several respects. The most basic difference is that non-profit corporations cannot operate for profit. Non-profit corporations are exempt from the income taxes that affect other corporations but only if they conduct business exclusively for the benefit of the general public. Non-profits and associations must maintain close contact with donors, volunteers and supporters. It is absolutely critical to their success of their enterprise. They rely on ANCHOR’s comprehensive address, email and phone data management services to ensure they do not lose touch with their patrons.

Non-Profits & Associations Need:

  • Accurate & complete contact information
  • Maximum postage savings
  • Multi-Channel message integration
  • CRM database management
  • Performance metrics
  • Conversion modeling
  • RFM analysis

Non-Profit & Associations Clients

  • Medical Research
  • Veterans
  • Arts & Culture
  • Religious Organizations
  • Humanitarian
  • Political Organizations
  • National Business Associations
  • National Industry Associations
  • Environmental Groups