Dealer Radius Processing

Dealer Radius Processing Identifies which customers or prospects are closest to your business location(s)

One of the most common analytic applications utilized by marketers is Geo-spatial analysis, using all the various geographic options available to locate and target customers and prospects. Many buying decisions are based on proximity, even more so today with the use of mobile messaging where a person’s actual location at any given moment relative to a store can generate a message being sent to their phone.

Dealer radius append was one of the first methods to help marketers identify customers and prospects relative to their various locations. We append a long/lat to an address on a customer or prospect list, and the business location(s). Then we provide a range of Geo-spatial relationships between the addresses by mileage, or radius.

The process is often utilized in mapping to help marketers understand market penetration and connect transactional data to geographic data. Once the data has been mapped, marketers can more easily identify regions near stores that are under represented and could be areas to target.

Dealer Radius Processing – Features & Benefits

  • Target your marketing more precisely, tailoring messages by proximity
  • Numerous options to determine best option – mileage, drive time or a radius
  • Utilize the process for SMS messaging in real time
  • Dedicated customer support